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8 Electric Airsoft Guns That You Should Consider to Buy

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Airsoft guns are toy guns that are now used to play airsoft sports. Initially, these guns were merely used for recreational purposes. Later, the introduction of an advanced airsoft technology made these guns able to be used as powerful fighting weapons.

Categories And Types:

These guns are broadly classified into two distinct categories. They are discussed below in detail.

1. Mechanical:

These consist of spring-loaded coiled air pumps that are operated manually.

2. Automatic:

The airsoft guns that fall in this category have automatically cocked air pumps. These are operated either by a battery or by electricity.

Airsoft Guns

These guns are further subdivided based on their mode of operation.

Three distinct types of these are listed below.

  • Spring Guns
  • Airsoft Electric Guns
  • Gas-Powered Guns

Out of these three types, the Electrical ones are the most efficient airsoft guns. People prefer these over all others because of their high-quality and accuracy.

8 Airsoft Electric Guns That You Can Consider to Buy:

Let us have a look at the 8 most reliable airsoft electric guns that one must buy if he/she wishes to excel at playing airsoft games.

1. SIG SAUER Patrol Full Auto Electric AEG Airsoft Rifle and Pistol Kit:

This gun comes in a highly-appreciable airsoft rifle kit. It is compatible with 6mm airsoft BB’s and includes both a pistol and a rifle.

The presence of 5000 additional BB’s further makes it a deal to steal.

Apart from that, the firing speed of the rifle and the pistol immensely attract the buyer and makes it impossible for him to say no to such a perfect package.

2. Lancer Tactical Gen 2 Interceptor SPR Automatic M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Rifle:

It is an impressive weapon that everyone wants to grab.

It is lightweight and thus, can be used for hours and hours without getting tired. The body of this rifle is crafted out of polymer.

The length of this rifle further allows you to add accessories to it such as; lasers, vertical grips, and flashlights, etc.

Electric Airsoft Guns

3. Double Eagle M16 M83B2 FPS-200 Electric Airsoft Assault RIS AEG Rifle:

This Electric Rifle is around 35.5 inches in length. It is manufactured by using a high-quality ABS plastic material.


It comes with a gun strap, wall charger and sample bag of BBs.


This gun can fire in both; semi-automatic and fully automatic modes.

4. Camo M4 M16 Airsoft Electric Assault Rifle AEG Semi-Full Auto M83:

It is a semi-automatic gun and is highly recommended for people of age 18 or above.

This rifle is 900 mm in length and its finesse speaks of the expertise of its manufacturer.

5. Full Auto M4 Rifle Electric Airsoft Gun D92h & Laser:

It is a fully-automatic gun that comes with a battery and a charger.

It has a retractable stock and is equipped with a laser sight and LED flashlight. These are to help you stay focused on your target.

Its length is 33 inches and it weighs 4lbs.

6. Well D93 Airsoft Uzi Style Auto Electric Pistol:

It is a cheap gun that is highly recommended for beginners.

It comes with a charger and a rechargeable battery.

Spring Airsoft Rifles

7. Well D91 UZI SMG AEG Airsoft Full Auto Electric AEG Sub Machine Gun:

This is also a fully-automatic firing gun that comes with a rechargeable battery and a charger.

It is some 25 inches in length and is a CE certified product.

8. Lancer Tactical LT-02B M4 MK18 CQBR AEG Metal Gearbox RIS Airsoft Rifle KIT:

It is a limited edition weapon that features a durable polymer body.

The Final Words:

All these airsoft guns are thus highly popular among players who are sensible enough to value their time and money.

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