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Airsoft Gun Types - Spring, Gas, And Electric Airsoft Guns

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Nowadays, there is a large variety of airsoft guns available in the market. Starting from manually running spring powered guns to completely loaded electric airsoft guns, there are different types of airsoft guns available that you can choose according to your needs and preferences.

Basically, these guns are divided into three main categories which are based on the power system of these guns.

Electric Airsoft Guns

These three basic categories are below:

  1. Spring-loaded airsoft guns
  2. Gas-powered guns
  3. Electric airsoft guns

However, below we are going to describe some key points for each type of airsoft gun.

1.      Spring Loaded Airsoft Guns:

Spring-loaded airsoft guns can only fire a single shot at a time by utilizing the potential energy that is stored in the spring. This energy is compressed when you cock the gun and it is released when you shoot.

The procedure of cocking the gun compresses the spring to prepare it for the next shot. So, it is compulsory to cock spring-loaded guns before every shot.

Best spring-loaded guns are very less costly as compared to electric or gas-powered guns. This is why these guns are considered to be the best starter for beginners.

But the professional players mostly prefer electric or gas-powered airsoft guns for a more realistic feeling. Because spring-loaded guns require more time to shoot and they are considered little slow ones.

2.      Gas-Powered Airsoft Guns:

Gas-powered airsoft guns utilize the pressurized gas that is mostly in the form of green gas or even carbon dioxide. The gas is used to propel the pellets for firing from the chamber of the gun.

There is no need for cocking for gas-powered guns because these guns are more advanced than the spring-assisted guns. Gas-powered airsoft guns are well known for their power and accuracy. These guns are further divided into blowback guns or non-blowback guns.

Blowback gas-powered airsoft guns have the feature to slide back the trigger after every shot that gives the feeling of the real gun. On the other hand, the non-blowback guns possess the fixed slides that don’t kick back after every shot like the blowback guns.

Also, these guns provide an economical substitute for blowback guns. But in reality, blowback guns are more liked by the people.

3.      Electric Airsoft Guns:

Electric-powered airsoft guns are also termed airsoft AEGs that stands for Automatic Electric Guns. These guns come with semi-automatic abilities, as well as, fully automatic capabilities. Electric motor power is used.

Mostly, rechargeable batteries are utilized to cycle the internal piston, but sometimes the spring system is used for firing the pellets. Because of the great power, precision, effectiveness, and realism are found in these guns.

Electric-powered airsoft guns are used very commonly in the various games of airsoft. Moreover, these guns are widely available everywhere. Electric airsoft guns are very fast in speed as compared to spring powered and gas-powered airsoft guns.

Moreover, these guns possess more durability and they don’t get broken very easily. Therefore, you don’t have to buy them again and again and this will save you cost a lot.

These guns completely run by batteries and those batteries are easily rechargeable. So, not much money is required on maintenance because these guns don’t get any damage more frequently. These guns provide their users the feeling of firing from a real gun and that’s why they are mostly liked by the professionals.

The Final Words:

Selecting which kind of gun you need for your game might need many trials and errors. No one in the first attempt can choose the perfect gun. It takes a lot of knowledge and practice to choose the best type of gun for you.

Different airsoft players prefer using electric airsoft guns. But, they also choose different types of guns for different purposes so that they can play the game with full accuracy and perfection.

So, choose your gun wisely and make a favorable purchase from a well-reputed dealer online!

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