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Cheap Airsoft Guns Under $50 Revealed!

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Airsoft Guns are getting quite popular as they provide a safe alternative to real guns. Have you ever used airsoft guns? Almost all of us have well played with them in our childhood when we used to ask ou parents to get us those cheap airsoft guns which used to operate with spring and shoot plastic projectiles. Then as soon as we got a little older, we started playing with those battery powered airsoft guns which were designed more like rifles and gave us realistic feeling when we played with them in automatic mode. The first type of airsoft guns fall mostly under the category of cheap airsoft guns and are known as spring powered airsoft guns. The second ones are those which are operated by batteries and are known as battery powered airsoft guns. There is a third type as well which is not much common especially among kids and adults or more serious players play with them. This type is known as gas powered airsoft guns and is operated via a gas mechanism as they make use of CO2 or propane cartridges.

Airsoft Guns

Cheap Airsoft Guns

Let us have a look at some most popular cheap airsoft guns available at very affordable rates nowadays.

1- Well D93 Airsoft Uzi Style Auto Electric Pistol

The Well D93 Airsoft Uzi Style Auto Electric Pistol operates via batteries and is an automatic electric gun. It is quite fun to play with this gun and is one of the UZI cheap airsoft guns. It can be used both in automatic and semi-automatic modes. The batteries used in this gun are rechargeable which saves your money and hassle of buying new batteries, every time you run out of old ones. This gun shoots at a velocity of 210 FPS (Feet per second) and its range is from a hundred to one hundred and twenty feet. It also has a safety switch and makes use of .12g BBs as shooting projectiles. These cheap airsoft guns are available in stores at very affordable rates.

Airsoft Uzi Style


  • Battery Powered Airsoft Gun
  • Velocity: 210 FPS (Feet Per Second)
  • BBs: w/.12g
  • The range is 100-120 Feet
  • Features a Hop Up Function
  • Scale: 1:1
  • Select a Fire
  • Safety Switch
  • Includes a Battery Charger
  • Includes a Rechargeable Battery

2- Colt M45A1 CQBP 6mm Caliber Airsoft CO2 Pistol 495 FPS

The Colt 45 A1 is one of the best guns out there and this one is the replica of it which gives you the right feel of it. This replica gun is a gas powered airsoft gun and operates via CO2 gas. You can use this one for playing airsoft and can also use it to practice the art of shooting. It has a remarkable FPS of about 495 and is a very precise and accurate gun. The smooth bore barrel and the BAXS accuracy system make it even more appealing. This airsoft gun uses 6MM BBs and has a magazine capacity of 15 BB. It also has an additional rail which can be sued to attach extra accessories on it. The fixed three-dot sight system makes it more efficient and the custom multi-color grip adds to its beauty.

6mm Caliber Airsoft CO2 Pistol


  • Gas Powered Airsoft Gun
  • Replica of the military-used Colt M45A1 gun
  • Smooth bore barrel
  • BAXS accuracy system
  • Uses 6mm BBs
  • Magazine capacity of 15 BB
  • 3-dot sight system (Fixed)
  • Railed frame for attaching additional accessories
  • A Multicolor grip (custom)
  • Comes with a bag of BBs
  • Semiautomatic gun
  • Safety: Manual
  • Product weight is 1.2 lbs
  • Product Length is 9 inches
  • Velocity is 495 FPS
  • A Custom plastic Grip
  • Propulsion Gas Used is CO2

3- G36B Spring Powered Airsoft Revolver Old West Silver

The G36B Airsoft Revolver is an antique piece from Old West and is spring powered which means that it operates via a spring mechanism. It is fully constructed of light polymer which is durable as well. The ergonomic grip of this revolver gives the user a comfortable and firm grip and the embedded sights are used for accuracy and for precisely shooting the target. The velocity of this revolver is 150 Fps (Feet per second) and the overall length id eleven point five inches. The contrast of silver and black looks quite graceful and these cheap airsoft guns are available at very affordable rates in the market.

Spring Powered Airsoft Revolver


  • Spring Powered Airsoft Revolver
  • Construction of Lightweight Polymer
  • Embedded sights for accuracy and pinpointing target
  • Comes with Realistic cylinder and shells
  • Ergonomic grip gives you comfortable handling.
  • An exhilarating reload time


  • Material is Polymer
  • Velocity is 150 FPS
  • Makes use of (w/ 0.20g BBs)
  • Length is 11.5 inches
  • Color is Silver

4- P2777 Model Semi-Auto Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle Black Shoots 220 FPS

The P2777 Sniper Rifle works via a spring mechanism and comes in a semi-automatic mode. The pitch black color looks quite graceful on it and this one is totally constructed of a light weighted polymer. This sniper rifle features an FPS of 220 and is used for long range shooting. Moreover, to satisfy your sniper tactics, it also comes with a bipod stand which provides further stability to it when you rest the rifle on it. This makes shooting from such a long gun easier and precise as well. There is a rail as well where additional accessories can be added and a mock scope and laser as well which further increase its usability and efficiency. Moreover, these cheap airsoft guns use single shot and feature a safety mode as well. The overall weight is 2 lbs and the length is forty-three inches. You can easily get your hands on this P2777 sniper rifle at very affordable rates and I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifles


  • Construction of a lightweight polymer material.
  • A detachable polymer barrel
  • Long barrel
  • Features a Mock scope and a laser which facilitate precision and visibility.
  • Detachable bipod for more stability.
  • 20mm upper rail for additional accessories attachments.
  • Can be used as a prop for film making use.


  • A Spring Powered Airsoft Sniper Rifle
  • Construction is of Plastic
  • Firing Modes: Single Shot
  • Safety mode
  • Velocity is 213-220 FPS
  • (w/ 0.12g BBs)
  • Magazine capacity is 15 Rounds
  • Weight is 2 lbs
  • Overall Length is 43 Inches

The above-mentioned cheap airsoft guns are quite popular nowadays and you must get your hands on at least one of them if you consider yourself a true airsoft player.

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