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The 3 Most Badass Combat Military Knives

Military Knife

· Military Knife

When we talk about knives, many users come into our minds. Since the advent of these bladed tools, we have used them for different purposes. The most obvious and frequent use of knives is utility and food preparation. Well, that happens in every home. What about the ancient uses of knives? How much are you aware of the military uses of knives? In fact, military knife served as the basic fighting weapon for armies in the past.

Military Knife

The knife is not just a tool, it is a weapon as well. The earliest wars were fought using some knives. I’m talking about the time even before the swords. Yes, swords are just another type of knives, but obviously, made exclusively for fighting. Similarly, a few knives were also made for battling the enemies other than utility uses. The earliest wars included combat because the militaries were quite closer to one another. In such combat situation, a few combat knives were needed to do the job. Since there are many powerful combat knives, I have enlisted the three most badass ones. So, here I uncover those badass knives:

Military Knife

Military knife, as the name suggests, is a knife made for the military use. In the past, this was the primary fighting weapon for the armies. As of today, we have stepped into the nuclear world. So, we have lost a knife as the main or primary fighting weapon. But, even today, militaries are using knives, thanks to the military knife. The only difference is that it is not used as the primary fighting weapon. But, in case they are engaged in combat, the best combat knife in such situation appears to be the military knife. Don’t think that they always prefer firearms. At a few occasions, they do prefer these knives because they let them do many other tasks. These are perhaps the strongest knives ever constructed.

Karambit Knife

Karambit knife comes up as an excellent combat knife. It is more popular due to its design and style. There is a curved blade which makes it look badass. This fabulous knife has a history of being used as a fighting knife. The Philippines people used it for self-defense as well as for fighting their enemies In a combat situation, it can come pretty handy. It is small but has a powerful blade that can be used for slashing actions.

Dagger Knife

Like a military knife, dagger knife is another powerful knife made for powerful strikes. Since we are considering knives that are good in combat, the dagger is actually the best choice in this regard. It is a small sized knife that was used as a combat knife in the past. Because it had a shorter blade, it was preferred because of the ease of carrying it. It is still used as a fighting knife, and even as a survival knife. The blade has thickness and strength to do the job. So, it’s just another fine combat knife.

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