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The 5 Most Desirable Electric Airsoft Guns for Airsoft Games

Electric Airsoft Guns

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When it comes to playing airsoft games, every airsofter prefers electric airsoft guns or AEGs. These are believed to be the most powerful and accurate guns. Accuracy and power are the two most significant things you require from your gun when playing games on the field. These types of airsoft guns promise these two key features.

Airsoft games require you to shoot your opponents on the field in an attempt to eliminate them. Your airsoft gun matters a lot for this purpose. It must have the power to fire the BBs at a great speed. Also, you need to shoot them from some distance, hence, range is another factor to look forward to. Similarly, your gun should provide accuracy while shooting so that you don’t miss the target and manage to eliminate your opponents with ease. Hence, you need a perfect gun that fulfills all these requirements.

Electric Airsoft Guns

Electric Airsoft guns use rechargeable batteries for shooting. The electric power enables firing at a great speed. So, velocity is another factor that makes these guns favorites for the airsofters. But, not all of them are the best. In this article, I have brought the five most desirable electric airsoft guns. Every airsofter dreams to have one of these guns because they are excellent for airsoft games. Following is the list. Let’s identify their key features and figure out why they are good for airsoft gaming:

1. Well D91 UZI SMG AEG Airsoft Gun

This is the cheapest electric airsoft gun on this list, and one of the cheapest overall. Many budgeted airsofters always prefer this rifle due to its low price. However, it certainly offers more than what you expect from a low price rifle. It is fully automatic gun that promises accuracy. Also, it can fire BBs at a speed of 220 feet per second which is often available in some of the most expensive replica rifles. The magazine capacity is 350 rounds per minute. It can also be switched to semi automatic mode through a selector available on the gun.

Uzi Airsoft Guns

2. M83 M4A1 Carbine Electric Airsoft Assault Rifle

This is an AR-15 style rifle that ensures power and accuracy on the field. It has a 7.2V battery which makes it a desirable gun for airsoft. It features both semi automatic and fully automatic modes. A 40 rounds magazine is included. Airsofters consider it a tactical rifle due to its tactical design. It features an adjustable hop up, a removable grip, a collapsible rear stock, a removable carrying handle and RIS system. Laser, flashlight and shooting glasses are also incorporated in the package. What makes it desirable for airsoft gaming is its speed of 200 feet per second, along with improved accuracy and range.

Carbine Electric Airsoft Guns

3. Camo M4 M16 Airsoft Electric Assault Rifle

This Camo Electric Airsoft Rifle is for those who are often engaged in military simulations on the field. You know well that most of the airsoft games are based on military simulations. It has a military style and looks like a real soldier gun. It is one of the most powerful rifles that use rechargeable batteries. Generally, it is semi automatic and uses 6mm BBs. Addition of variable hop up version is a great plus with this rifle. However, it fires at a speed of 220 feet per second. 40 BBs is the capacity of the magazine. Tactical light and shooting glasses are included in the package. Other things include flashlight, 3 AAA batteries, strap and an adjustable laser. Such a fine rifle for airsoft!

Airsoft Electric Assault Rifles

4. Full Auto M4 Electric Airsoft Gun D92h

This is a fantastic electric airsoft rifle with a retractable stock.It has the full automatic firing mode and is ideal for airsoft gaming because it can fire 400 BBs in a minute. Those airsofters who are at the entry level and have less experience of playing different games can prefer this gun. It is a perfect one for beginners. However, the range of 80 feet is a little disappointing. The velocity of 200 FPS is still pretty good. The plastic body construction ensures its power and durability. A fine rifle for playing games on the field.

Full Auto M4 Electric Airsoft Gun D92h

5. Lancer Tactical MK18 MOD0 Airsoft M4 Automatic Electric Gun

This is perhaps the most appropriate, effective and stylish electric airsoft gun for airsoft games. But, it is the most expensive as well. Looking at the features, it is worth the money. It has three firing modes, including safe, semi automatic and fully automatic modes. ABS construction makes sure it lasts longer. It can fire at a massive speed of 400 feet per second. 300 round is the magazine capacity of this wonderful rifle. The 9.6v Nun-Chuck Type Battery is amazing. All in all, an ideal rifle for playing airsoft games.

Lancer Tactical MK18 MOD0 Airsoft M4 Automatic Electric Gun
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