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My 3 Hobbies With Airsoft Guns

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There is a great buzz surrounding airsoft guns. People are curious to use these guns and do different activities with them. With people being inclined towards these guns, it emphasized me to get them too. Now, I own different airsoft rifles and pistols and get involved in plenty of activities.

Airsoft guns are basically replica guns but they are unbelievably similar to real firearms. Firing with them seems pretty realistic as well. They shoot like real guns, but the range and speed that they offer are not exactly similar. After all, these are replica guns and designed for safe use. There are top-notch & easy airsoft guns but a few of them may sound like real guns though.

Airsoft Guns

Since I own a few of these guns, I love to do different things. I have adopted a few activities as my hobbies. In this article, I am disclosing my hobbies with airsoft guns. However, before I determine my hobbies, I feel that it is important to discuss why I am crazy for these guns. Later on, I would tell you which guns I own and why.

Why I Love Airsoft Guns?

There are plenty of likable things about airsoft guns. From their realism to their diverse use, there is plenty to talk about.

However, the following three are the most significant factors that drive my love for them:

- Safe Guns

The best thing about airsoft guns is that they are guns, but absolutely safe. It’s funny how a thing we call gun is safe, but yes, these replica guns don’t pose any threat at all. They don’t fire real bullets which is perhaps their only exception to real guns. However, they fire BBs that are made of plastic. What do you expect from a plastic made bullet? Obviously, no threat of injuries. This is why I love these guns. I can stay safe and use the guns the way I want. However, I still prefer wearing safety equipment to keep myself secure. Even a plastic bullet can cause an injury to sensitive parts of the body, such as eyes. So, I wear face and eye protection in any case.

- Realistic Guns

Another appreciable thing about airsoft guns is their realism. They look exactly like the real firearms. Ignore the use of plastic BBs for a second, and you would consider them the real guns. The parts, shooting mechanism, and sometimes sound are identical to real guns. Hence, I can experience the shooting with most realistic replica airsoft guns with secure outfield.

- I Can Engage My Family

Since airsoft guns are pretty safe, I can allow my kids to play with them. Also, I can include my family while using these guns for different activities. I believe being with your family is the best experience. You enjoy every split of a second, and meanwhile, you give some precious time to your family which they deserve. While doing activities like target hitting and airsoft games, I often engage my family.

My Hobbies With Airsoft Guns

There are plenty of things to do with airsoft guns. Enthusiasts are crazy to be honest as they have discovered several enjoyable activities. However, as far as I am concerned, I have three hobbies that involve these replica guns.

1. Target Practice

I often find myself practicing target hitting with airsoft guns at the weekend. I can promise you, this is the most enjoyable thing to do. I head to a safe place with my colleagues and friends, at times my kids, to get engaged in some target practice activity. We use to construct a wooden target and place it at a reasonable distance. Then, we test our skills. Though I am not the best shooter, but at times, I do win. The last week was a memorable one as I won all the sets. I believe I am gradually becoming a good shooter. So, this target practice is actually helping me improve my target hitting skills.

2. Airsoft Sport

Airsoft is perhaps the most thrilling sport and outdoor Activity. Forget the other sports, be an adventurer. As I love adventure, I play different airsoft games, specifically the ones based on different military simulations. If you don’t know, airsoft is not exactly a sport, it is based on scenarios and situations. There is a massive field on which airsofters step and based on the situations, they play their roles. There are often two teams equally numbered. A win is for a team, not an individual. Once you get started with airsoft, you would know exactly why I have adopted this as my hobby.

There are a few games that I prefer playing. One of them is Sniper. I hope you all know who a sniper is. In this game, there is a single or a couple snipers who are equipped with airsoft sniper rifles. They hide on the field and try to terminate the members of other teams. The other side has to find them and kill them to win the game. Similarly, there are numerous other games, such as President, Capture the Flag and Zombie etc. that provide a great adventure, thrill and excitement. Such excitement is enough to urge me to be crazy for this activity.

3. Cosplay

Wait, let me reveal that I am a cosplayer too. Since I first performed on the stage at an event on Halloween, I have been a fan of this play. Now, I am part of almost every LARP event in my hometown. I am often playing the role of a gangster or a cop on a secret mission. What helps me the most in playing that role is my airsoft guns. I have both rifles and pistols in my arsenal. Whenever I play a gangster, I hold the airsoft pistol. Similarly, as a military officer, I can use my rifle. So, these replica guns have actually become a part of my costume.

Which Airsoft Guns I Have?

Honestly speaking, I don’t have a massive collection of airsoft guns. However, I have a few magnificent ones. It is worth mentioning those guns, their features and the reason why I have them in my collection.

Following are a couple of best guns in my arsenal:

  • P74 Folding Stock AK-74U Spring Airsoft Rifle

Let me tell you I am a budgeted airsofter. However, my low budget does not stop me from buying my desired airsoft guns. Thanks to some wholesale stores that enable me to purchase my favorite rifles at a reasonable price. This P74 AK-74U is a wonderful airsoft rifle with worthy features. While playing airsoft games, I am mostly equipped with this particular rifle. It can fire at a velocity of 220 feet per second. It features a folding stock and a banana clip magazine. Also, it offers laser and flashlight. At such a low price, this is indeed a masterpiece.

  • M1911 G13 Replica Demolition Airsoft Spring Pistol

Since I am a budget airsofter, I prefer having more number of guns rather than a few expensive ones. I used to try different pistols and rifles so that I can experience many of them. This M1911 G13 airsoft pistol is a cheap one, but promises certain advantages. It’s a little heavier and feels pretty realistic. A solid metal construction ensures its durability. The best thing about this is it can fire at a speed of 300 FPS. It has a good range as well as accuracy. Hence, I mostly use it for target practice.

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